Back in 2004, Virgin Airlines proposed installing the urinal pictured at the left in one of their executive lounges. They quickly reversed that Kisses urinal decision after the National Organization of Women and local politicians protested. Click here to read about it.

Fast forward to 2010, and a restaurant called the Honest Lawyer, located in Hamilton, Ontario, removed similar urinals from their men's bathroom, but only after a lengthy campaign waged by various women's groups and politicians. It's a mystery how anyone with a social conscience could purchase and install such a disgusting and misogynist device, and only someone with a pronounced hatred of women could actually use it. Click here to read coverage of that situation.

For more on pornography, check out the Bell Canada section for information on Bell ExpressVu and their broadcast of violent and degrading pornographic movies, and also the Internet and Music sections. 

Morality in Media produced an informative report on the issue - 

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Quebec film maker, Remy Couture, went to trial in December 2012, charged under the Criminal Code obscenity law. A Globe & Mail columnist commented: "It is hard to find sympathy, no matter what the legal argument, for a guy clearly so obsessed with the torture and dismemberment of women that he represents these over and over again." (File updated 2012)

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