Advertiser Boycott

Advertisers bear ultimate responsibility for violent television programming. Broadcasters can purchase all the violent, vile, anti-social programs they want, but if the shows cannot attract sponsors, the programs will be cancelled. No advertisers = no programs.

This section provides information on a national campaign designed and co-ordinated by the Coalition for Responsible Television (CRTV) to convince advertisers to boycott the ultra-violent serial killer series, Millennium. Considering that the series was produced by tv whiz kid Chris Carter — of X Files fame — the campaign met with a fair degree of success. The CRTV, sadly, is no longer functioning.

Convincing advertisers to avoid sponsoring violent, anti-social programming is the best way to change the face of television. The most productive means of achieving that is for the federal government to host a meeting with Canada's largest advertisers, present the CEOs with the research findings, and ask for their co-operation in creating a less violent society by refusing to sponsor violent shows.