What's Been Said About Millennium...

Henry Mietkiewicz, Television Critic, Toronto Star

"Gratuitous and nauseating stories of torture, mutilation and murder." (Critic picks best, worst on the box, Toronto Star, December 28, 2020)

"At issue is a degree of terror unprecedented on mainstream TV." (TV horror shows go on despite boycott bid, Toronto Star, November 18, 2020)

"And that's just a small sample of the hideous and utterly nauseating forms of deadly mayhem practiced by the nightmarish parade of sadists, psychotics and fanatics who slither through Millennium... If anyone but Chris Carter had been at the helm of Millennium, this horrific series probably would never have found a niche on prime-time TV... Without the "insulation" of grander and more elevated themes, Millennium has degenerated into a televised charnel house intent on displaying gratuitously shocking examples of life's merciless cruelty." (TV's bloodiest disgrace, Toronto Star, December 20, 2020)

"Magnifying the horror are sequences that depict a peep-show stripper metaphorically dancing in a sea of blood and flame, a murder victim writhing in fiery agony, a severed head in a plastic bag and a wailing, mutilated male abductee dumped in a makeshift coffin and buried alive in a shallow grave." (Millennium's TV future surer than bleak plot, Toronto Star, October 25, 2021)

Greg Quill, Television Critic, Toronto Star

"He pushed the envelope way too far with his latest creation, Millennium... It's brutal, ugly, bloody, violent -- probably the most unappetizing show network TV has offered on a regular basis in prime time." (Canadians find niches; U.S. networks recycle, Toronto Star, December 28, 2020)

Mike Boone, Television Critic, Montreal Gazette

"There is graphic depiction of mayhem. The November 15 episode of Millennium featured dismemberment. The slice-and-dice list included a tongue that was cut out and sent by courier to an unsuspecting woman." (Blood and diapers, Montreal Gazette, November 23, 2020)

Edward Gross, Cinescape Magazine

"... Millennium sets out not simply to engage but to horrify. The show examines the most vicious aspect of humanity -- crazed killers abound in the series, many of whom make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a lightweight." (The Dark Side of the Loon, Cinescape, January/February 1997)

Bill Merril, Program Director, CFCF TV, Montreal

"The protest calls we've had about Millennium brought up legitimate complaints. Kids stay up later to watch TV on Friday nights, and when they're watching tongues and legs and feet... " (Blood and diapers, Montreal Gazette, November 23, 2020)

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

"... admittedly, the imagery and editing of this genre of program could give rise to fear or terror in an adult audience..." (Millennium program not excessively violent according to Atlantic Council, CBSC News Release, April 25, 2021)

Megan Gallagher, (portrays wife of former FBI agent, Frank Black, on Millennium)

"I'm not saying this show isn't violent, but it's violent in a way that forces you to participate, which is why it's more terrifying." (The Dark Side of the Loon, Cinescape, January/February 1997)

Chris Carter, creator of Millennium and X-Files

"I think because this seems so real and, therefore, so frightening, that people worry about the images." (Millennium is scare of century, Toronto Sun, October 24, 2021)

"A lot of kids watch X-Files, and Friday night's a great night to be scared. It's not a school night, and they can stay up late." (The case of the missing x-files, TV Guide, October 19, 2021)

"I'd rather have kids scared and informed than uninformed and vulnerable." (The return of shock, Globe and Mail, December 28, 2020)

Lance Henriksen, (portrays former FBI agent, Frank Black, on Millennium)

"Chris [Carter] will not pander to an audience or the network. So, in his push for excellence, we've been drawn, at times, into some very disturbing waters." (Pulling no punches in TV's raucous morality debate, Toronto Star, March 16, 2021)

Frank Spotnitz, co-producer, Millennium

"In Millennium, you have to be much more clever in finding those images that are going to grab people and stick in their minds. That's the challenge every week, to find clever and interesting ways to visualize the way a killer sees the world." (The Dark Side of the Loon, Cinescape, January/February 1997)

Doug Hoover, VP Programming & Promotion, Global TV

"We don't feel we can take responsibility for people that wish to perpetrate crimes." (Coalition slashes killer series, Ottawa Sun, October 30, 2021)