"Greetings from the slaughterhouse that is pop culture. Our most popular forms of entertainment -- TV, films and books -- have followed video games into a ferocious new realm of ultraviolence marked by increasingly graphic depictions of brutality." (October 30, 2005, Knight Ridder News Service, By David Hiltbrand)

At right is a picture taken from one of the many CSI tv programs, which helps illustrate the above.CSI

Canadian broadcasters are fond of pointing the finger of blame at their colleagues to the south, but they are just as willing and guilty of splashing blood on the small screen as their American cousins.

In 1999, Laval University's Centre d'etude sur les medias released a study indicating violence on Canadian television had grown at an alarming rate. The study noted violent acts on television increased 50% between 1995 and 1998. This, in spite of the fact that the Canadian Association of Broadcasters made a pledge in 1996 to take action on the issue.

Below is a promotion by YTV, which is a youth channel, for the so-called "adult" horror channel, Scream. Both were owned by the same Canadian broadcast conglomerate at the time. Interesting place to advertise an "adult" channel, isn't it?

Scream and YTV cross promotion campaign

Letter to Corus Entertainment Inc. re launch of Scream TV, June 25, 2021

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Violence against women

One of the disturbing trends noticed by television reviewers and commentators, is the shocking and explicit brutality committed against female characters.

Set on fire, shot, raped: welcome to prime time (2005)

Brutality against women prominent in 2005 TV season

Below is the jacket from the Nip and Tuck tv series when released on DVD.

Nip and Tuck DVD jacket


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