Sexual Exploitation of Girls

This section contains items on the disturbing and unhealthy sexualization of young girls.

Click here for a 2007 Zellers ad featuring a baby in a bikini. A baby in a bikini! Shame on Zellers for offering this completely inappropriate product.

Resource documents

Early Sexualization: A Guide for Parents of Preteen Girls, YWCA of Montreal, 2008

American Psychological Association, Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls, 2007  


I'd love some Respect from female pop stars, but I'd settle for pants. Excellent column by Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe and Mail, Oct 5, 2021

Articles on the French Senate plan to ban child beauty pageants (Oct/Sept 2013)

Bullies circulating nude photos takes heavy toll on girls (2011)

"Grinding" causes cancellation of school dances (2010)

Sexual dance routines "shockingly prevalent" among children (2010)

Are mass media creating a culture of rape? Column by Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star (2010)

Articles on attack on girl in Pitt Meadows, B.C., and posting of pictures online (2010)

Online "sextortion" of teens on the rise (2010)

Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, B.C., offers pole-dancing exercise classes for five-year old girls (2010)

Review of Girls Gone Skank: The Sexualization of Girls in American Culture, published in 2008 (review is from 2010)

"Little girl slayers club", Surrey, B.C. - teen boys target grade school girls for sex (2010)

Toronto Police warn teens about 'sext crimes' (2010)

Lolita at 5? Experts say parents must be alert to hypersexualization of young girls (2009)

Ads use sex to sell products to young girls, Montreal Gazette article (2008)

Various articles on the sexualization of young girls

When girls grow old before their time (2008)

Sexy Inc. - new documentary on hyper-sexualization of young girls (2008)

APA Task Force on Sexualization of Girls - Report (2007)

Backlash against exploitive fashions for girls (2006)

Pole dancing kit for girls (2006)

Too Young Too Sexy - 4 part Calgary Sun series (2005)

Sexualizing children feeds pedophilia (2005)

Sexualization of tweens is creepy (2005)

Pimping at school career days (2005)

Can we save these kids? (2004)

Girls pay a high price for popularly in our hyper-sexualized culture (2004)

Parents fight "Whore Wars" (2003)

Deviant behaviour is now mainstream (2004)

Why do we make good girls dress bad? (2003)

Prostitute costumes for tots (2004)

S&M for Toronto tots: Britney Spears show x-rated (2004)