Millennium Advertisers For Fall 1996 and Spring 1997 Season

Compiled by the Coalition for Responsible Television

Proctor and Gamble
Box 355, Station A, Toronto, Ont M5W 1C5
Phone 416-730-4711; Fax 416-730-4281.
Mr Y.H. Ouek, President
Products/Brands: Vicks' Nyquil, Tide, Nozema, Pantene, Oil of Olay, Always, Ivory, Pepto-Bismal, Royale, Attends, Pampers, Bounce, Pringles

Molson Breweries
175 Bloor St. E., North Tower, Toronto, Ont M4W 3S4
Phone 416-975-1786; Fax 416-975-4088
Mr. J.B. Pope, President & CEO
Products/Brands: Canadian, Export, Miller, O'Keefe, Black Horse

Labatt Breweries of Canada
181 Bay St., Toronto, Ont5J 2T3. Phone 416-361-5050; Fax 416-361-5200
Mr. J. Morgan, President
Products/Brands: Blue, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Kootenay

Toyota Canada Inc.
One Toyota Place, Scarborough, Ont M1H 1H9
Phone 416-438-6320; Fax 416-431-1867
Mr. Y. Nakatani, President

Mazda Canada Inc.
821 Brock Rd. S., Pickering, Ont L1W 3L6
Phone 905-609-9909; Fax 905-609-0409
Mr. T. Sudo, President

Maytag Appliances
c/o Leo Burnett Co. Inc., 175 Bloor St. E.,
North Tower, Toronto, Ont M4W 3R9
Phone 416-925-5997; Fax 416-925-3447
Mr. R. Groves, Account Manager

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Ltd.
McDonald's Place, Toronto, Ont M3C 3L4
Phone 416-443-1000; Fax 416-446-3588
Mr. George A. Cohon, Senior Chairman

Zeller's Inc.
5100 de Maissoneuve North, Montréal, Que H4A 1Y6
Phone 514-483-7600; Fax 514-483-7785
Mr. Paul Walters, President

Sprint Canada
2550 Victoria Park, North York, Ont M2J 5A9
Phone 416-496-1644; Fax 416-496-0975
Mr. David Keating, Vice President, Marketing

General Motors of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa, Ont L1H 8P7
Phone 905-644-5000; Fax 905-644-5731
Mr. A.G. Miller, Chairman & CEO
Products/Brands: Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Geo, Oldsmobile, Isuzu, Saab, GMC Trucks

Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.
2200 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough, Ont M1L 2N3
Phone 416-288-2200; Fax 416-288-2174
Mr. B. Turner, President
Products/Brands: Dentyne, Trident, Clorets, Rolaids, Certs, Benalyn, Listerine

Hudson's Bay Co. (The Bay)
401 Bay Street, Toronto, Ont M5H 2Y4
Phone 416-861-6115; Fax 416-861-6441
Mr. George Kosich, President & CEO

Nintendo Of America
P.O. Box 957, Redmond, D.C. 98073, U.S.A.
Product: Mario Brothers