Results Of CRTV Campaign Against Millenium

Information Package

Coalition for Responsible Television
Patricia Herdman Co-President 
Jacques Brodeur Co-President

June 29, 1997: Enclosed is information on the Coalition for Responsible Television's campaign to convince Canadian advertisers to boycott the ultra-violent television series Millennium. The response received from advertisers was heartening, and we encourage people to contact corporations about their television advertising policies and the programs they sponsor. Information on how to do this follows.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

The toothless watchdog of Canadian television has ruled that Millennium is not gratuitously violent and doesn't contravene the voluntary violence code. This ludicrous decision illustrates the total ineffectiveness of this body in addressing the problem of television violence. The American Fox network has ordered another 24 episodes of torture, mutilation, murder and horror for next season. It is apparent that broadcasters will not stop their destructive programming until advertisers force them to. You can make a difference by supporting anti-violence advertisers with your purchases and avoiding the products of companies that sponsor programs like Millennium.

National List of Advertisers:

A Very Useful Tool: Information on Canadian companies is provided in the Maclean-Hunter publication, National List of Advertisers, available in libraries. The book provides names, addresses, phone and fax numbers for most of Canada's national advertisers, and also cross-references the companies with their products. So, if you saw an ad for a product like Pampers on a violent show and wanted to know where to write, the National List of Advertisers will tell you (Proctor and Gamble). Direct correspondence to the President.

Please Distribute:

Photocopying and distribution of the enclosed information is encouraged. Feel free to reproduce it in newsletters and post it on internet sites. The package is also available on a 3.5" computer disk in Microsoft Word, on request.

Addendum Re Proctor & Gamble Inc:

The following is from a June 13, 2021 letter sent to us from P & G: "P & G has always worked hard to be a responsible advertiser. ...We will not sponsor programs that depict gratuitous sex or violence. ...I want to confirm that the appearance of Proctor & Gamble advertising on the show "Millennium" on a Montreal station was a mistake. We have reinforced our policies on advertising to the parties in question and have their commitment that this will not happen again." Signed R.H.R. Fichtner, Associate Director, Public Affairs.