Movies Based on the Crimes of Child Killers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

In December 2000, the Toronto Star reported that a Canadian company, Norstar Filmed Entertainment, planned to shoot a movie about the crimes of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka based on the book, Invisible Darkness. Jason Priestley, well known for his role on the television series, Beverly Hills 90210, had been approached to play Paul Bernardo, and filming was scheduled to start in late January.  Bernardo is a convicted multiple rapist and child murderer, currently serving a life sentence for his crimes.

The news was greeted with outrage by both politicians and the public. Howard Hampton, Leader of the provincial NDP, raised the issue in the Ontario legislature and obtained assurances from Premier Mike Harris that permission to use government buildings would be denied, and that government tax credits would not be provided for the film. Telefilm Canada, approached by Norstar for funding, declined the request, but only because the script wasn't good enough, not because of the subject matter.  Norstar eventually abandoned the project. This section contains information on the controversy.

Subsequent to that, Hollywood produced a film originally called "Deadly" (later changed to"Karla"), also based on Bernardo's crimes.  Articles on that are also included in this section, and, as it turns out, Peter Simpson of Norstar Filmed Entertainment, is also involved in "Karla".