Priestley as Bernardo an open question

Toronto Star
February 8, 2021
By Betsy Powell

Actor Jason Priestley says he was caught off guard by the negative reaction to a proposed movie about convicted sex killers Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka.

The script is based on the book Invisible Darkness by Stephen Williams.

``I didn't think that story was still in the forefront of the Canadian consciousness as it is. I didn't expect that,'' Priestley said in an interview broadcast last night on CityPulse News.

However, Priestly danced around the question of whether he intends to play Bernardo - a role offered to him by Toronto movie producer Peter Simpson.

"Obviously it looks like I'm not doing the film. I don't even know if the film's going to happen, because there was such a public outcry,'' said Priestley.

Contacted last night by The Star, Simpson expressed surprise at Priestley's statement.

"I fully intend to go ahead with this movie,'' he said.

Simpson said right now he is focused on other projects, mainly finishing post-production work on The Fourth Angel, a movie shot in London, England and featuring Priestley and British star Jeremy Irons.