Human Rights Complaint Against HMV Canada Inc.

This section contains information on a complaint I filed with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against HMV Canada Inc., over their sale of hate rap.

Final decision from OHRC

Please note when reading this decision, that HMV didn't do anything throughout this entire process except defend their right to sell hate material, so item (3) in which the OHRC states that HMV "has taken measures to address the concerns raised by the complainant" is completely false. 

Ontario Human Rights Commission final decision, April 25, 2021

Responses from politicians 

The HMV hate rap complaint was emailed to all federal and Ontario politicians.  Responses are posted below.

Letter from Stockwell Day, MP (2005)

Email from Frank Klees, MPP (2005)

Email from Kathleen Wynne, MPP (2005)