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The so-called shock rock band, Marilyn Manson, is named after mass murderer Charles Manson, and individual band members use the names of American serial killers. The lead singer, Brian Warner, recorded in a studio set up in the actual house where the Manson "family" slaughtered several people and painted the walls with their blood. The recording studio was created by Trent Resnor, lead singer with the popular band, Nine Inch Nails.
The music industry has become so demented, that if Charles Manson  was released, he would undoubtedly be signed to a record label before the door closed behind him.
The violence and misogyny of rap music has inspired various forms of protest since its inception. In November 2000, the Attorney General of Ontario, Jim Flaherty, attempted to have rap star, Eminem, prevented from performing in Toronto because of his violent and misogynist lyrics. The AG was acting in response to a complaint I filed with Metro Toronto Police under Canada's Criminal Code hate propaganda law, and under pressure from M.P.P. Michael Bryant, Liberal party AG critic.  Unfortunately, because the Canadian government discriminates against women, the hate propaganda law has not been amended to include women, and the Attorney General was therefore unsuccessful. Read more about that in the Hate Propaganda section.