The Free Radical
August 17, 2021

Cannibal Corpse - Misogynist Band Alert


"Riding a blood-and-entrail-streaked reputation as the sickest of the sick on the crowded extreme death-metal trail, Florida's Cannibal Corpse... brings the horrific noise to [Toronto] tonight." (Quote from the Toronto Star, August 10, 2021)

If you learn that the death-metal band, Cannibal Corpse, is coming to a neighbourhood near you, consider filing a complaint with your local police service.  Some of this band's lyrics could contravene the Canadian Criminal Code obscenity law (section 163). You might also consider filing a complaint with the police against retailers selling "The Bleeding", one of the band's CDs.

Criminal Code Section 163 (8) states: "For the purposes of this Act, any publication a dominant characteristic of which is the undue exploitation of sex, or of sex and any one or more of the following subjects, namely, crime, horror, cruelty and violence, shall be deemed to be obscene."

Sex, crime, horror, cruelty and violence are staples in the band's lyrics, and they have reportedly run into problems with Canada Customs because of concerns about their material contravening our obscenity law. Following are some sample tracks from Cannibal Corpse CDs:

The Bleeding: Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead, Stripped, Raped and Strangled, The Pick-Axe Murders, She Was Asking For It, Force Fed Broken Glass,

Gallery of Suicide: I Will Kill You, Disposal of the Body, Blood Drenched Execution, Dismembered and Molested, Stabbed in the Throat, Headless, Every Bone Broken

The web site for Metal Blade Records Inc. boasts that Cannibal Corpse has been "BANNED in Australia, New Zealand & Korea BANNED from performing any material off their first three albums in Germany, where the sale of "Butchered at Birth" is outlawed completely!" This hyper-violent band has made appearances in Canada, and their CDs are available in Canadian franchise record stores.  An item commenting on the band's popularity in Quebec said that "... their name came up when a Seattle fan of the band raped and killed one woman and left another for dead, which resulted in national news coverage and subsequent record album sales for the band".

This is not surprising, considering the extreme violence, misogyny and sadism promoted by the band.  Lyrics will not be provided here, but they can be found by doing an Internet search for "Cannibal Corpse lyrics".