Porndemic: Sex in the Digital Age
Cabinet Urged to Block Canadian Content Pornography Channel
Antonia Zerbisias Suggests Violent Pornography is Beneficial
CRTC Refuses French Pornography Channel
Taxpayers Won't Fund Customs Challenge
Rodney's Oyster House Serves Up Pornography and Bad Manners
Extreme Associates Decision Overturned
Pole Dancing Toy for Girls
Hunting for Bambi Web Site
Downside of Camera Phones
UK to Criminalize Possesion of Violent Pornography
Pornography Available in Federal Prisons
Government Not Enforcing Regulations on Porn Videos
Inadequate Obscenity Law Puts Women at Risk
Articles on  Extreme Associates
Trend to Violent Pornography
Court Defines Child Pornography Broadly
Stupid Boy Tricks
Important Ontario Obscenity Case
Rape, Snuff Films Protected, Defense Argues
Ont OFRB Decision - PEI
Killer Inspired by Pornography
Ont AG Won't Appeal OFRB Ruling
Regina v Randy Price.pdf
Letter to M. Bryant re OFRB appeal.pdf
Court Strikes Down OFRB Powers
Cdn Kids Imitating Pornography
U.S. Porn Crackdown
United States v. Extreme Associates
Murder of Porn Actress
Virgin Airlines Urinal Debacle
Importance of COPA
Toronto the Naughty
Letter to Rogers re porn spam.pdf
Rogers Brushes Off Spam Complaint
Charges Laid Over Voyeur Porn
Voyeur Porn Shot in Toronto
Child Porn Charges Laid
Francois' Experience in Don Jail.pdf



The picture below is a urinal Virgin Airlines proposed installing in one of their executive lounges.  Perhaps they were thinking of this advertisement for a pornographic web site (reported to Morality in Media): "Next time you need a leak, don't use a urinal, use a urinal slut". 

For more on pornography, check out the section on Bell ExpressVu and their broadcast of violent and degrading movies, and also the Internet and Music sections. 

Morality in Media produced an informative report on the issue - 

Link Between Pornography and Violent Sex Crimes