April 5, 2021

Hamilton School Children Imitating TV and Internet Porn in Sexual "Experiments"

  Hamilton, Ontario police are investigating the effects of television and internet pornography after three children ages 12 and 13 were discovered to be using other children to act out what they had seen in the media.

One boy admitted to targeting neighbourhood children and his own siblings in what police are calling a "misguided" attempt at sexual experimentation. The boy's father overheard a strange comment at the breakfast table and after asking questions called local police. The boy admitted that he had "experimented" sexually with an 11 year-old girl from the neighbourhood and three of his siblings aged 8 to 10. He stated that he had learned the behaviour from seeing pornography. Police have not laid charges in a case they are calling unusual, but have ordered counselling under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Under the YCJA, for "alternative measures" to be used, an offender must admit what he or she has done was wrong.

Since this first case in July 2003, Hamilton police have uncovered two other
cases where pre-adolescents have victimized other children and admitted to being influenced by pornography from the internet and television. In one case a boy had assaulted a 7 year-old girl he regularly babysat. Once again, no charges are being laid. "He was quite a shy, quiet young man. Quite embarrassed by the whole situation," said child abuse Detective Rick Arnold.

Dr. Steven Hucker, head of forensic psychiatry at McMaster University and an expert in sexual psychopathology said that children who are exposed to pornography can become desensitized to it and begin to think that is normal behaviour.