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In October 2000, in an attempt to have the violent rap performer, Eminem, prevented from performing at Toronto's Sky Dome, I filed a complaint with the Toronto Police Service Hate Crimes unit, alleging that his lyrics contravene the hate propaganda section of Canada's Criminal Code.  Michael Bryant, a Toronto-area MPP and the Liberal Attorney General critic, took up the issue, held a press conference at Queen's Park, and urged the provincial Attorney General, James Flaherty, to take action against Eminem.  Mr. Flaherty did, in fact, contact Immigration authorities, but no action could be taken because women are excluded from the protection of Canada's hate propaganda law.  Mr. Flaherty also wrote to the Liberal federal Attorney General, urging her to change the law to protect women.  She did not.  The courage shown by Messrs. Bryant and Flaherty was impressive, considering the controversial nature of the issue and Eminem's (undeserved) status as an international star.

Unfortunately, their commitment to the issue did not follow them into their subsequent political positions. Michael Bryant became Ontario's Attorney General under the Liberal government, where he did nothing for 4 years to get the law changed.  Jim Flaherty is now a senior federal cabinet minister, where he sits on his hands while his party repeatedly blocks efforts by various Liberal MPs to have the law changed in include women. Click here for more info on this. This is exactly why people lose faith in politicians.  When they don't have the power to change a law, they lobby for it, but when they have the power to effect change, they drop it like a hot potato.

Subsequent to the action taken by Ontario politicians, Eminem was warned by justice officials in other countries (e.g., Australia and Britain), to obey their laws or risk the consequences.