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Women and Hate Propaganda

In Canada, the Criminal Code hate propaganda law provides protection to only a limited list of "identifiable groups" being only those distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin and sexual orientation.  "Sex" or "gender" is not included and so women and girls have no protection from hate propaganda. 
The federal government has, to date, refused to amend the law to include sex/gender, although in 2003 it passed a Private Member's Bill (Bill C-250) adding "sexual orientation".  While Bill C-250 was going through public hearings and review, neither politicians in the House of Commons nor members of the Senate amended the law to extend protection to the female half of the population.  This is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees everyone the equal protection of Canadian laws (Section 15).
This section contains information relating to that  discriminatory and unconstitutional situation. 

Click here for a fact sheet on the exclusion of women from the hate propaganda law

See the Bill C-254 section for attempts to fix the situation.
At the left is a picture of misogynist rapper, Eminem, as he appeared on stage at Toronto's Sky Dome, despite my efforts to have him prevented from performing.  Check out the Eminem section for more info on this and other issues involving this performer.
 (More on violent rap can be found in the Music section.)