July 19, 2021
National Post news service

eminem warned

  Eminem has received a visa from the Australian government to perform, along with a warning to respect the country's values and its multi-cultural society.  Lawmakers and community groups opposed allowing the rapper -- whose real name is Marshall Mathers III -- into the country with his group D12, sayings his songs contain foul, violent and racist lyrics demeaning to women and gays.

Critics said the 28-year-old's repeated brushes with the law should exclude him from a visa on the grounds of bad character.  Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock said in a statement yesterday Eminem was warned that the visa "carried with it a responsibility of respect for our multi-cultural society and values and the need to avoid vilifying or inciting discord... to the point where a potentially dangerous disturbance resulted."  Ruddock said Eminem received the visa after acknowledging that breaching the requirements could result in the cancellation of his shows, scheduled for July 26 and 27 in Sydney and Melbourne.