November 24, 2020
City TV News
By Cynthia Mulligan

violence in video games

  Violent video games and the impact they can have on children have been in the news a lot recently. 15 year old Brandon Crisp instantly comes to mind. He died after running away from home Thanksgiving weekend when his parents took away his XBox due to concerns he was addicted to "Call of Duty Four."

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has also just started up a research group to study video game "addiction" amongst teens.

Well now York Regional Police have launched a new educational video about the dangers of young children playing violent video games. As promised here is the link so you can watch it yourself. click on "It's not just a Game," in the left corner.

York Regional Police - It's Not Just a Game - violent video game campaign - brochure and video (on left hand side of the web site)