Rape Video Game Banned by Amazon
York Regional Police violent video game campaign
Thailand Halts Grand Theft Auto Sales After Murder
Grand Theft Auto Copycat Crime Spree
Ontario Govt Funds Violent Game Developer Digital Extremes
New Video Game Law in Ontario
Manhunt 2
Dawson College Shootings - Connection to Popular Culture
Items on Bully From Rockstar Vancouver
Murder Claims Rattle Video Game Industry
Super Columbine Massacre Video Game
Ontario Gives Boost to Video Games in Budget
Need for Speed Street Racing Death
Protests Against 25 to Life
Buy My Violent Game for Your Kids Says Fiddy
The Warriors Cashes in on Gang Violence
Game Producers Get Warning From ESRB
Is it Just a Game?
APA News Release on Violent Video Games
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Controversy
Taser Foundation Joins Call to Boycott 25 to Life
GTA Player Convicted of Murder
Senator Clinton to Introduce Legislation
Articles on Senator Clinton's Initiative
New AMA Policy on Video Games
Facts About Video Game Violence.pdf
York Police Services Board Resolution.pdf
ESAC Presents to York Police Services Board
Narc Banned in Australia
Violent Games Reward Killing
Taxi Driver Video Game
Video Games Shaping Reality
Vid Game Biz Wants to Expand Audience Reach
Poll Says Canadians Want Video Games Regulated
New Video Game Law in Manitoba
Exploitive Games Risk Putting Off Customers
Dynamic Attack on Video Game Violence
Games Play Up Drug Culture
ESA Established in Canada
GTA Worries Gang Experts
Killzone's Guns Feel "Real"
Mortal Kombat Copycat
Missouri Pulls Violent Games From Prison
Minors Buying M-Rated Games - Canada
Minors Buying M-Rated Games - U.S.
Games Get More Exploitive
Violence Still Boosts Bottom Line
Video Retailers to Ask for ID
Counterstrike Fanatic Orders Gun
Name of the Game is Violence
Manhunt is a Slaughterhouse
Manhunt is Murder Simulator
GTA Probed re Police Assaults
Advertisers Want Video Game Exposure
ESRB to Label Rape Games
Postal 2
"Nut Case" Murders
Seventh Report Card
Fifth Report Card
GTA Copycat?
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Groups Fight for Violent Video Games
B.C. Labels Game As Adult Film
Police Chiefs Press For Video Tax
Japan Struggles With Violent Games
Province Takes Action On Video Games
B.C. to Act  Against Video Games
Violent Video Game Study
Hostage Taker Inspired by Game
Soldier of Fortune Decision
US Senators Act on Violent Games
Name of the Game is Gore
Video Games Targeted in Ontario
Senate Testimony on Video Games
B.C. Calls For National Strategy
Doctors Unite Against Violent Games
B.C. Attorney General News Release
AAP Testimony in Chicago
Company To Appeal Games X-Rating

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    Video Games
    Medical and mental health experts agree that all the data on television violence immediately transfers to violent video games. Research specific to video games conducted in the last few years indicates that violent video games cause much greater physiological changes than non-violent games (heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline, noradrenaline, testosterone), and that the harmful effect is much greater for males who pretest high on measures of anger and hostility.
    Preliminary research conducted by British and Canadian brain researchers indicates game playing may release dopamine, the same kind of pleasure-inducing chemical as cocaine, amphetamines, cigarette smoking, alcohol and other addictive substances.
    First-person shooter games also function as killing simulators or conditioning devices of a type and quality used by the military and law enforcement to train staff to both shoot with accuracy and reflexively. Simulators are used extensively and the scientific data on their effectiveness in behaviour modification is exhaustive according to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a world-renowned expert on violence and the roots of aggression.
    York Regional Police in Ontario have launched a violent video game education campaign - It's Not Just a Game.  Watch their excellent video on their web site at www.yrp.ca (left hand side of the home page).
    And, check out these video game trailers:

    Bulletproof - 50 Cent

    25 to Life