April 24, 2021
Toronto Sun

Bullet-proof vest protects Montreal concert-goer


 A bullet-proof vest prevented a man from suffering serious injury during a shooting after a 50 Cent concert. The life of a man in his 20s wasn't in danger because of the vest.

The shooting took place outside the Bell Centre after the concert.

A male and a female suspect were apprehended by an off-duty police officer at the scene, said a police spokesman.

50 Cent and G Unit Go For Broke In Hamilton

Friday April 23, 2021

By: ChartAttack.com Staff

Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, ON
April 21, 2021
by Shawn Despres

During an HBO special a couple of years ago, Chris Rock dismissed the notion of gun control. He insisted instead that the world needed to focus on bullet control. He went on to argue that all bullets should cost $5,000. That way people would be a lot less likely to shoot them and you�d be damn certain that there wouldn't be any innocent bystanders injured.

If Rock ever gets his way, 50 Cent could be in trouble. With all the random gunshot sounds that went off during his 65 minute show in Hamilton, the multi-platinum rapper would be broke in no time. I can see the headline now, "Gangsta Rap Star Begins Canadian Tour with Millions, Leaves with Two Quarters."

As the lights dimmed in Copps Coliseum a black curtain dropped to reveal a huge G Unit "Beg For Mercy" banner. The sound of a shotgun being cocked echoed through the arena as G Unit members Lloyd Banks and Young Buck walked on stage. After greeting the crowd, a half-dozen gunshots erupted from the speakers as 50 Cent strutted out of the shadows with a white towel over his head. 50 encouraged the 5,000 wannabe playas, gangstas and hustlas in attendance to call out "Slim Shady," "Dr. Dre" and lastly "50 Cent" before throwing his towel into the crowd and launching into "What Up Gangsta."

Although the venue was less than half-full, the adoration of the crowd made it seem like a full house. From the moment the DJ put on the first record, the audience was on their feet waving their hands in unison, dancing and screaming along to every lyric. Looking to build on this momentum, 50 and his cohorts unleashed a flurry of singles early on, sending the young crowd into a heated frenzy with the combination of "Wanksta," "P.I.M.P" and "21 Questions." Each song began and ended with gunshots and a few were added in-between for good measure. After performing a sexed up version of Missy Elliott's "Work It," which saw 50 jerking off a mic that he stuck between his legs (much to the delight of all the ladies) while Banks and Buck sang "If you got a big... let me search ya." The trio then kicked into "Magic Stick," 50's duet with Lil' Kim off of Kim's La Bella Mafia album.

Between song banter was kept to a minimum as 50 only addressed the crowd to tell them how great Canada's marijuana was before "High All The Time" and towards the end of the show, set up a small tribute to Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. The stripped-down stage show featured little more than the huge banner, a DJ and 50, Banks and Buck walking around. Although far from spectacular, the tight set and energy radiating from the crowd kept the show moving at a good pace.

After delving into another raunchy cover (this time Busta Ryhmes and Mariah Carey's "I Know What You Want") Buck was informed that the trio were close to going past curfew. They chose to perform one more song before being instructed that they had to go or would be fined. Not wanting to leave his fans disappointed, 50 stated that he wanted to give everyone something to remember him by before tossing his G Unit hat, bandanna, shirt, undershirt and G Unit sneakers into the crowd. He then proceeded to take off his belt and began to pull his baggy jeans down as the girls screamed at ear splitting decibels. Quickly stopping and laughing, he flashed his trademark million dollar smile and walked off stage. Judging by the reaction his disrobing caused, at least 50 knows that if Rock's bullet control ideas ever took shape, he could easily bolster his revenues with impromptu stripteases.