Articles on Sexualization of Young Girls
Women at Risk
Femicide: There's Not Enough Outrage
Lolita at 5? The Pornification of Little Ones
Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario Sells Hateful T-shirts
When Girls Grow Old Before Their Time
Ultimate Fighting Expands to Include Kids
Sexy Inc. - New Movie on Hyper Sexualization of Young Girls
TV and Movies Feature Anti Social  Role Models for Girls
Sexual Harassment the "new normal" for girls in Ontario
World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse
APA Task Force on Sexualization of Girls
Mother's Day Rooted in Activism
Brutal Violence Goes Mainstream
Shock Magazine Launches
Girl Gang Members on the Rise
Backlash Against Exploitive Fashion
Stripping is NOT Empowering
Assaults Recorded on Cell Phones
Gangster Magazine
Students Swearing at Teachers
Too Young Too Sexy - 4 Part Series
Sexualizing Children Feeds Pedophilia
News Reports Increase Date Rape Drugging
Statistics on Canadian Popular Culture Spending
College of Physicians Nixes Implant Contest
Girls Get Violent Ideas From Movies
Women Feel Pressure to Look Like Whores
"Creepy" Sexualization of Tweens
Pimping at School Career Day
Can We Save These Kids?
Unhealthy Fascination With Violence
Gangster Fashions Put Kids at Risk
Viciousness of Violence Increasing
Amnesty Intl Targets Popular Culture
Stolen Childhood
Parents Fight "Whore Wars"
Deviant Behaviour is Now Mainstream
Good Girls Dress Bad
Update: Hunting for Bambi
New "Sport" - Hunting Women
Wild Things
Hollywood Examines its Soul
Bloody Backyard Wrestling
Rap Metal Mooks
In The Fight Clubs Of Rio
Complaint to OPC Re Toronto Star


This section contains items that don't really fit into any of the other sections, including articles examining how popular culture is negatively affecting young girls.

The link below provides a guide for parents of preteen girls produced by the YWCA of Montreal.

Click here for a Zellers ad featuring a baby in a bikini.  A baby in a bikini!  Shame on Zellers for offering this completely inappropriate product.

Click here to read the report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls