Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment
Contact: Valerie Smith

Q107 Providing Access To Howard Stern "Favorite Web Sites" Featuring Bestiality and Sexual Torture Of Teenagers


  Toronto, December 30, 1997: Toronto radio station Q107, through their association with Howard Stern, is providing direct access to internet sites featuring graphic pictures of bestiality (Pet Pleasures) and the sexual torture of teenage "girls" (Teenage Runaways). The sites, identified as "Howard's Past Favorite Web Sites of the Day", can be accessed from Q107's web page ( by clicking on the KOAM -- King of All Media -- link. The KOAM site then displays in a window as part of the Q107 site. Both run simultaneously, which means you can scroll through KOAM and load PetPleasures and Teenage Runaways while still in the Q107 web site.

A complaint against Q107 has been forwarded to the Metro Toronto Police, along with examples of material downloaded via their site, citing Canada's obscenity laws. "It is my understanding, that sexually explicit material featuring bestiality and the torture of teenage 'girls' is illegal in this country," said Valerie Smith, the C-CAVE volunteer who lodged the complaint. "There is no difference between Q107 providing access to this material in their lobby or providing access to it via their web site. The principle and the result are the same," said Smith. The Hon. Sheila Copps, minister responsible for the CRTC, has also been provided with copies of the material.

Teenage Runaways, which sports a picture of Howard Stern, states "This site gets my endorsement - Howard Stern 4/22/97" and contains a bondage section with graphic pictures of nude teenage "girls" trussed up like pigs for slaughter. PetPleasure contains pictures of "Dogs, sheep, horses, all being pleasured by their wonderful owners" along with the statement "Howard Stern Loves THIS site and said so on April 25, 1997. Ask Him!!!". Not surprisingly, all the "owners" depicted having sex with dogs, sheep and horses, are female.

It says a lot about broadcasters' attitudes towards the CRTC, that Canadian radio stations felt comfortable in buying a show that had previously promoted bestiality and the torture of teenage "girls", and then for Q107 to actually provide access to the sites. "It's a sad state of affairs when people have to turn to the police because the CRTC won't do the job it is paid to do," said Dr. Rose Dyson, a Toronto-based media consultant and Chair of C-CAVE.

Meanwhile, complaints have again been filed with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council against Q107 for continuing to breach CAB codes during the week of December 15, 1997, immediately following the parent company's stated commitment that Q107 would abide by the codes. "If ever a station deserved to lose its license, it is this one. Their irresponsibility and abuse of the public airwaves seems to know no bounds." said Dyson.