Lil' Pimp

New York Times (on line)

2003 - USA - Gross - Out Comedy

Type: Animated
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Rating: R (Not For Children/Adult Humor/Profanity/Sexual Situations) Running Time: 80 minutes
Starring: Mark Brooks Directed by: Mark Brooks, Peter Gilstrap

PLOT DESCRIPTION Based on an Internet cartoon, Lil' Pimp is the first feature-length film made with Macromedia Flash animation. Co-creators Mark Brooks and Peter Gilstrap are also the directors, screenwriters, and voices for the main cast. The story involves a little white boy with freckles named Lil' Pimp (voice of Brooks) who lives in the suburbs with his pet gerbil Weathers (voice of Ludacris). After he meets Sweet Chiffon (voice of Lil' Kim), he gets introduced to the world of pimping from Fruit Juice (voice of Bernie Mac). Just as Lil' Pimp is on the way up in his new career, Mayor Tony Gold (voice of William Shatner) decides to level the neighborhood to make way for a new land development. Lil' Pimp also features the voices of Carmen Electra and Jennifer Tilly. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide


Cast for Lil' Pimp

Mark Brooks - Lil' Pimp Ludacris - Weathers Lil' Kim - Sweet Chiffon Bernie Mac - Fruit Juice William Shatner - Mayor Tony Gold Peter Gilstrap Carmen Electra Rudy Ray Moore Jennifer Tilly Danny Bonaduce.